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L'amore tra i mostri: Session 7, Q1b-3

Continuing the adventures of...
Captain Carlino Orsini, human fighter, soldier
Don Pantaloni d'Oro, elf illusionist, noble
Liliana Casale, human rogue, spy
Gino "The Oak" Leone, human druid, guide

1b. What actions consistent with the heroic motivation do the heroes take that bring them into conflict with a looming hostility inherent within the setting?

Be the PCs first:
Encounter: pursuit
Place: Northern Wilds
To continue the investigation into how sailors from the Merchant Prince's elite Sea Claws became zombies in the possession of an orc chief, Orsini allows "The Spring" - the insane, oracular orc who had led his own tribe to ruin because of prophetic visions - to guide Don Pantaloni, Liliana, Gino, and him to the place where the chief stole the zombies from whoever the Five Dancing Demon Kings are.

Be the GM next: 
Story Cube: bowl of food
The Spring brings them to a small river which he says that they must follow northward, deeper into the Wilds. After [the new exploration rules] three days and 30+ miles later of moderately paced travel and no untoward encounters, the group enters a region where Gino [fails skill check] finds himself struggling to find food and water that is safe to ingest. The flora and fauna have progressively become more inhospitable and, although the druid felt as though they were headed toward a coastline, he is equally fascinated and worried about his unfamiliarity with the natural life in the area. The Spring says that they are getting very close.

Be the PCs once more: 
Gino purifies some food and drink for the group. Orsini makes the decision to press on for only a few more hours. Afterward, if they haven't found anything, they'll turn back and head back toward Stefan's tower.

2. What unusual event occurs soon afterwards? 

Be the GM first:
Story Cube: goblet
Encounter: intrigue & combat
Place: Northern Wilds, a few minutes later
In a nearby clearing, Liliana scouts a group of four unidentifiable cloaked and hooded figures in a clearing. The Dark Adept among them senses the approach of the heroes and he commands his Dark Acolytes to attack!

Be the PCs next:
Liliana prevents the group from being surprised, but the Dark Adept is still able to seriously hurt Orsini with a frighteningly evil spell of wounding. Two Dark Acolytes get a couple of hits in on Gino before the husky druid is able to beat them down. Orsini is soon able to get at the Dark Adept and fell him with a single blow. When the enemies are slain, Liliana pulls off their hoods and searches them.

Be the GM once more:
The villains are ordinary men - scruffy, in fact - and resemble the kind of lowlifes one might find at Port Aghi [see Session 2, Q8]. On the person of the Dark Adept, Liliana finds [Story Cube: playing with dolls] a small figurine that none of the four recognize. The Spring laughs and announces that these men were minions of the Five Dancing Demon Kings.

3. What elements of the results of Q1a or Q1b and Q2 suddenly get twisted together in a surprising manner, increasing the danger to the heroic motivation?

Be the GM first:
Story Cube: gem
Encounter: betrayal & revelation
Place: Northern Wilds, same time
The Spring suddenly grabs the figurine out of Liliana's hand and runs off. The mad orc yells at the tops of its lungs - "They are here! I have brought them just as your visions told me I would! All has passed!"

Be the PCs next: 
Gino casts a Web spell at The Spring, making especially sure to get a lot of webbing on The Spring's mouth. The spell succeeds, and the orc is held fast - and quiet - in place. Don Pantaloni gives Orsini an "I told you so." Orsini demands that The Spring explain himself.

Be the GM once more:
The Spring just laughs [Orsini fails intimidation] and states, while spitting web into the air, "You four will be the ultimate sacrifice to the Dancing Demons..."

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