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Solo Munchkin!

The Munchkin line from Steve Jackson Games is a favorite of those who appreciate wicked satire aimed at the RPG hobby. Gamer David R. has developed an excellent set of solo Munchkin rules that will keep the dust off your cards! Here they are...

From David:
Here's how I play solo games. It is a hybrid of several different sets of rules I've come across, and full credit goes to the original game designers in the Munchkin Guild. I've only added to them to try and improve the game:

Munchkin Solitaire

All regular Munchkin rules apply except below:

1. You are trying to get to Level 20 before one of your two decks run out.

2. Deal yourself 4 cards from each deck to begin. Curses, traps, wandering monsters, or any other generally bad card is discarded immediately without a redraw (too bad for you). Races, classes, Go Up A Level cards, enhancers, etc. may be played immediately to the table.

3. If you defeat a monster, you only get one total treasure (no matter what the card says).

   3.5 You win all ties.

4. If you need to ask for help, roll the d6 and add that to your level. If you still lose, you suffer Bad Stuff as normal. If this allows you to win, you get no treasure but get the level.

   4.5 Running away is successful on a 4 or above on the d6.

5. If you draw a Wandering Monster, then the bottom-most monster in the discard pile returns as an undead. You cannot ask for help on a Wandering Monster.

6. If a card directs you to do something/get something from another player, you now will get it from the discard deck (ie: just do what the card says. For example....if it says "Steal a level from the player with the highest level", then you would just gain a level).

7. When in doubt about a card, apply it the best way you can. Since nobody is around to be a rules lawyer, your only argument will come from the voices in your own head.

This plays surprisingly difficult, especially if you get a few biggies early in the game and keep getting knocked back to level 1.

BTW.....I play with the original Munchkin, Star Munchkin, Super Munchkin, and The Good The Bad and the Munchkin (I do not mix the base games at all), with Fairy Dust, Waiting for Santa, Santa's Revenge, and Marked for Death (mixed in with original Munchkin). I also sprinkle it Demented Dungeons, which is a great way of using "New World Order"-type effects to the game. I'm not sure how some of the other versions of the game might play solitaire.

Thanks, David!

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