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Solo Wargaming Rules for Heroclix

Set up a game of Heroclix as per standard rules. The solo player will play each force to win, but the results of the Deployment Dice will determine each turn how the player will be allowed to use the characters currently on the battlefield. This will provide the unpredictability needed to make a solo game exciting!

During a force’s turn, the solo player considers that force “friendly.”

The Deployment Dice: Roll two six-sided dice before the beginning of every one of each force’s turns. If the result is doubles, consult the “Combat Event” chart first and apply the results immediately.

Rescue: Return to the starting area the KO’d character from that force with the highest point value. The character’s combat dial is placed on its starting position, and the other force’s Victory Points for that character are lost. If no character from that force has been KO’d yet, this event is ignored.

Reinforce: Add a new character to that force. The character must have a point value that is equal to or less than 25% of the game’s build total. With its combat dial on its starting position, place that character in that force’s starting area.

Rally: Remove one action token from each character on that force on the battlefield.

Next, note the value of the Deployment Die that is higher (or either in the case of doubles) and add +1 to it for each friendly character on the battlefield with Leadership as a standard or special power currently showing on the dial (to a maximum of +3). Compare that value to the “Deployment Orders” chart (click to enlarge) to determine the extent to which the friendly force may be used by the solo player during this turn.

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