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Updates to BGG's Solitaire Print and Play Contest

I was checking out BoardGameGeek last night for details on the yearly summer Solitaire Print and Play Contest hosted by the very dedicated Chris Hansen, and I was surprised to discover these two recently posted tidbits from him:
I will be taking classes this summer to finish my degree so I will not be able to host the contest during the June - August timeframe we've used the previous years. For 2013 I've reserved September - November for the contest. The exact dates of Entry and Voting deadlines are TBD likely the Entry Deadline will be around the first of November with the voting deadling at the end.
and, more intriguing:
A publisher has expressed interest in publishing the winner of the contest. This would be an optional prize left to the winner to accept. If the winner prefers not to publish or wishes to pursue other publishing options, they may refuse the prize. The publisher may also offer to publish other games from the contest that look interesting. I will give more details on this as I work them out with the publisher.
Hmmm... Much more HERE.

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