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The 9Qs RPG engine is a year old this month!

This post's title says it all. My solo RPG engine turns one, and I'm surprisingly proud of that fact!

We gamers, especially of the solo ilk, mess around with a lot of rules all the time. In the intellectual sense, we're quite promiscuous. To the 9Qs, though, I've felt a special connection. I made something - quite serendipitously - that I continue to use often, and I fully expect to keep on using it throughout the rest of my solo and social gaming life.

This month, I'll be updating the original 9Qs PDF with minor tweaks that I've been keeping track of for some time. The 9 Questions themselves will remain EXACTLY the same, but new options will be added and a single word that has been irking me from the very beginning will be removed.

Thanks for reading along. Everyone's encouragement has helped to make the 9Qs a true source of joy for me!

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