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Dungeon Roll, a solo-friendly Kickstarter

Thanks to Griffon Publishing's Peter Schweighofer for the tip on this one. I don't follow Kickstarter projects and I've never given money to one, but that might change for this cute little game for 1-4 players. It's Dungeon Roll!

From the game's official description:
In Dungeon Roll, you become a hero and roll up your companions. With your party assembled, you start on the first level of the dungeon by rolling three Dungeon Dice. You have decisions to make, enemies to vanquish, and more glory to seek. Without breaking a sweat you stride down to the second level, and then the third, and that's where things really begin to pick up. By using your companions, reviving party members with potions, and using your Hero's ultimate power, you might get deep enough to accumulate a Dragon's horde of treasure... Just watch out for that Dragon.

Funding ends on March 20th! Lots of info on the Kickstarter page. Check it out!

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