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My favorite Solo Nexus posts of 2012

This blog saw surprising growth in 2012, and that's due to all of YOU who participated in championing solo tabletop gaming beyond November 2011. I hope Solo Nexus has been a resource for those who visited it because so many of you who have shared your ideas and offered advice have certainly been an invaluable resource to me!

In 2013, I will have new goals for the site, but first I'm looking back at some of my favorite posts of 2012...

The best kept promise:
Rally Round the King on my Refrigerator

The best channeling of my frustrations:
The 9Qs

The best (and only) use of dominoes:
13 Black Cats

My favorite guest posts:
9Qs: Sophia's Wu#

My favorite contribution from Carsten from Germany:
Carsten's 4th Edition Solo Tips
The best and worst post involving Sargon the Sorcerer:
Sargon Drives the Batmobile without Permission, Part 2

My most nostalgic endeavor:
Randomized Old-School RPG Adventure
The best justification of solo gaming:
To Maximize Creativity...
My favorite use of Rory's Story Cubes (besides the 9Qs):
Quick NPCs with Story Cubes

My favorite picture of the year

HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported this site with constructive comments and cross-links when you felt that there was something here worth sharing. I am very honored by the enthusiasm!

Have a Happy New Year!

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