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Mytherian Heroic Fantasy: Yersinia, Undercity of the Rats

The Mytherian experience continues...

From creator Erik Goodwyn:
For many years, the counselors of the Alliant Kingdoms have been advising their sovereigns that something is amiss in the undertunnels and sewer systems of the great cities...rumors have surfaced that the ancient waterworks have been expanded unbeknownst to most by chittering creatures of fell intent. Some suspect goblins are at work. The dwarves have retreated into their mountain strongholds and refuse to comment. Others suspect sinister forces at work from within the Rendarian Empire. The envoys of the ancient Emperor Xanmyrrdon deny that their mysterious ruler has any hand in the activities. But the wise among the Alliant kingdoms do not believe this. 
In the coming weeks, more will be revealed concerning the next expanded realm of Mytherian Heroic Fantasy: what evil lurks beneath the cities of Teralia?

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