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Sargon drives the Batmobile without permission, part one.

"I am Sargon! Go ahead - think of a number and I will guess it!" *

"OK...so, I was just talking to Batman about, you know, teaming up and $#!+ and he just up and disappeared. It was like, poof, and he was gone. I'm not sure if he did one of his I'm-a-f*c%ing-man-of-mystery moves and melted into the shadows or if I accidentally teleported him into a hell dimension. See, I'm super hungry right now and my mind kind of wanders when I get that way and I start thinking about, like, cheeseburgers and hell dimensions, so, I'm a little worried. But, hey, this Batmobile sure looks like a sweet ride!"

"Yo, Crimson Avenger - my old buddy from the 1940s - how about we take the Batmobile out for a spin? Gotham City's gotta have an In-and-Out Burger somewhere! Let's hop inside, but we'd better read the Batmobile driver's manual first just to be on the safe side."

"This doesn't look so bad for a new Heroclix piece. I think it'll be easy to drive this baby! Wait - there's more on the other side..."

"Son of a b!+c#! Look at all of these rules for one measly new mechanic! How hard could it have been to incorporate vehicles into this game after having 10 years to think about it?!?" (Click to enlarge and read, if you dare.)

"Wait!! There's an alert coming through the Batmobile's police radio - the Royal Flush Gang is robbing an In-and-Out Burger! Awesome!"

"Let's go get 'em! If we save the day, we'll totally get free food!" 

To be continued...

* "The number you were thinking of was a 6, right? Right? It wasn't? Yes, it was! Dude, I totally know you were thinking of a 6, you're just trying to make me look bad! You were SO thinking of a 6! IT WAS A 6! Do you even know the difference between a 9 and a 6, or are you some kind of a moron? It was a f*c%ing - uh...um...oh, wait a sec...I see what I did there...um...uh...damn...I meant 9...it was a - oh, just forget it..."

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