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Sargon drives the Batmobile without permission, part two.


*    *    *

"So, after what happened, me and my boy the Crimson Avenger took the Batmobile out to stop a crime spree by the Royal Flush Gang. I'm 'piloting' the Batmobile according to the new vehicle rules, but the Crimson Avenger as passenger only counts as 'being carried' by those rules, so I'm technically just dragging him alongside the vehicle. That kinda sucks."

"Next turn, Crimson Avenger moves into cover, but Ace charges up to him anyway."

"The Avenger takes a hard punch to the kisser..."

"...so I hit the b!+c# with my f*c%ing car! Then gas, break, dip, dip! Gas, break, dip, dip! (Specifically, I used the Batmobile's 'Targeted EMP' to Outwit Ace's defense because he's a robot, then Crimson Avenger attacked him, and then I used the Batmobile's 'Charge' ability and got a Critical Hit.)"

"Crimson Avenger kept to the shadows while I spun the Batmobile around. I wanted to use the new 'Ram' ability, but I would have stopped in an occupied square, so I couldn't. Instead, I waited a turn and tried the radio. FYI, Batman's presets are news stations and lite FM. He really is that grim." 

"While I played with the radio, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten got up to a rooftop and out of the reach of the Batmobile's speeding bumper! S#!+!"

"That meant I had to roll on up to the building they wanted to snipe me from and get out of the car. There was a lot of zapping and shooting and whatnot, but in the end, me and Crimson Avenger won the day! The Batmobile got a few scratches on it, but I'm sure Batman won't mind. (Where IS Batman? I hope I didn't accidentally transport him to hell...)"

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