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Sargon dates out of his league.

"I am Sargon!
I don't guess your weight...I know your weight!"

"Hey, Queen of Fables, thanks for finally agreeing to go out with me. I may not be part of DC's New 52 yet, but, as a preeminent sorcerer, I think you'll find I'm man and magician enough to fulfill all of your - "

"Holy $#!+! What the f*c% happened to your legs?!? I specifically remember seeing legs in your profile picture and not tentacles! I mean, I'm not saying I won't, you know, go with the flow here, but, come on, baby, you gotta give a guy fair warning about something like that."
"What was that? Huh? Your ex-boyfriend? Who's your ex-boyfriend?" 

"Dr. Manhattan?!? And he wants to fight me?!? F*c%!"

"I'd better summon help! I call on the Justice League!"
"Son of a b!+c#! I got a bunch of Bizarros!"

"I've worked with worse...OK, guys, atta- Wait! Hang on! Let's review the solo scenario rules:

Dr. Manhattan attacks only when he takes damage. Immediately after a power, ranged combat, or close combat action is resolved from which Dr. Manhattan takes damage, Dr. Manhattan takes an action. This action must target the character that damaged Dr. Manhattan in the previous action, if possible, otherwise the action will target the nearest opposing character he is able to target.The action can be a close combat, ranged combat, or power action.

"That's it? That's the entire solo play engine?
After 10 years, that's the best Wizkids could come up with?
F*c% you very much, Wizkids!
I'm Sargon the Sorcerer and I demand a solo challenge that isn't phoned in!
Aren't you ashamed of yourself, Dr. Manhattan?"

"Yeah, I thought so."

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