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nexus 10 tablet

nexus 10 tablet 
nexus 10 tablet specs

let me start by saying that I ordered this tablet from TabletExpress, and I am more than impressed with their service. I had the product in my hand within three days of ordering, it's exactly what I ordered, nothing missing, excellent packing. I was wary after reading some other reviews where people didn't get the right product.

I've been resisting the urge to buy a tablet since I first drooled over the iPad years ago, but I never could justify spending that much when I already have a laptop, iPod touch, Kindle and Nook, and smartphone that pretty much covers all my electronics bases. the reason I started shopping for one was to have something I can bring with me to work to write and to play games on during downtime, since I got tired of hauling my laptop with me (and besides that, it's not easy to hide when my boss comes strolling in unexpectedly!) when I saw the price on this tablet, I decided to go for it, thinking that even if it turns out to be a piece of junk, then at least I'll know that it's worth it to spent a few hundred on something decent.nexus 10 tablet

I was pleasantly surprised by this little tablet. I popped it out of the box, turned it on, and promptly began downloading apps and customizing to my liking. I had no problems connecting to my WiFi and quickly got it synced to all my other devices and accounts. it's not lightning-fast, as to loading and quitting programs, but I wasn't expecting that and I don't really care. all my games and stuff run fine with no lag.

the battery isn't superb. while playing music, watching videos, trying games, and downloading, I ran it down to 20% in about two hours. it still lasts at least as long as the battery on my iPod while playing games. the music quality from the speaker is good, with headphones it's better. video quality seems to alternate between good and excellent - I don't know if it's the different programs or just different videos come out in better quality nexus 10 tablet. I wasn't expecting, nor looking for iPad-quality sound and video; for the price, what this tablet delivers is more than adequate.
this thing is great. runs android 4 very well, was easy to set up out of box and runs all apps i have installed from the play store very well. transferred music and movies from both my mac and windows 7 pc without a problem. would def get another one

got a usb keyboard for it and it works very well with no set up necessary

32gb expansion was flawless and only ran me $17

hdmi output is easy

only things that detract from this tab are the 2-3 hour battery life and the speaker is weak

headphones work great with it and screen is bright and very responsive

if they work on battery life it would be a much more significant rival to mainstream tablets

i would rather have 2 of these than one kindle fire or nook color, both restrictive and pricy for what they offer.
nexus 10 tablet

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