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A Very Special Sargon Thanksgiving

"I am Sargon! Magic can make my man-wand THIS big!"

"It's great to have my friends Crimson Avenger, Vigilante, and Mr. Terrific over for Thanksgiving dinner! Now, all I have to do is conjure up an amazing meal!"

Gin and Tonics
Fried Turkey
Root Vegetables
Your Mom's Pumpkin Pie
Your Mom

"Oh, no! The news just reported that the Penguin and the Mad Hatter are attacking the Thanksgiving Day Parade with vicious mind-controlled turkeys..."

"...a lot of them! We'll have to postpone dinner to save the city!"

"The streets are filled with the sounds of bloodthirsty gobbles! And turkey sH!+!"

"Mr. Terrific and Vigilante push through a wall of bada$$ toms as I phase across the rooftops and - "


"Vigilante maneuvered his bike through the turkeys and got to the villains, but, on his own, he was no match for the freaks, and he was KO'd by an umbrella."

"After getting rid of the remaining fowl, the rest of us surrounded Penguin and Mad Hatter. They had no chance against our combined might and awesomeness, but the Mad Hatter still tried to get away. When I gave him a blast of my Ruby's power, he used his Mastermind ability to shift the damage on to the Penguin, KO'ing his own ally!"

"What a d!ck."

"Hey, America, Happy F*c%ing Thanksgiving. Now, get me a scotch."

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