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"To the surface! Attack!!"

Much like some grognards reenact a famous historical in miniatures, I enjoy reenacting superhero battles from my favorite comics.  After last month's release of Chaos War, the Heroclix set filled with Avengers heroes and villains, I was able to use my solo Heroclix rules to bring to life a page or two from 1964's fifth issue of the Avengers comic, "The Invasion of the Lava Men!"

Ah...1964....a time when a writer could invent "lava men" and everybody'd be cool with it. In the issue, Jinku, the witch-doctor of the Lava Men, convinced his people to send a big rock up to the surface to destroy all life above them. The Avengers stopped them, of course.

Yeah. Lava Men. Big rock. A witch-doctor with a radioactive rod. That's Lee and Kirby, baby!

I used a map with lava on it (dangerous to all but the Lava Men) and sent Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor after the Lava Men led by Jinku (yes, there is a Jinku piece!).

The Lava Men swarmed the Avengers as quickly as possible (with two activation rolls going against the good guys, making them quite swarmable, indeed). Cap's shield bashed lava faces pretty good, but close proximity to the fiery foes was too much for him and he succumbed to the heat!

Thor flattened his share of Lava Men with no problem until Jinku caught up to the battle and used his radioactive rod on the Thunder God (just like in the comic). He scored two hits, weakening Thor!

But it wasn't by much. With Iron Man's support, Thor polished off the Lava Men and their scrawny witch doctor without too much trouble.

Okay, so it wasn't Agincourt, but I dug it.

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