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Observations on FATE + the Mythic RPG

After some solo and social testing, here's what I've gathered about my FATE/Mythic RPG Mash-Up.

As a solo game:

  • The Aspects didn't add anything more than the original Mythic RPG Character Summary, Strengths and Weaknesses, and Favor Points would have. 
  • I can indulge in the GME's occasionally wacky outcomes as much as I'd like knowing I'll make sense of everything some day. 
  • The Mythic RPG + GME is fine just just the way it is for solo. 

As a social game:

  • I hoped for a "no-prep" game, believing FATE's "pick-up" style and Mythic questions would facilitate cool spontaneous gaming. Unfortunately, as it is wont to do, the Mythic GME created a plot that meandered. Acting as GM with 4 players at my table, I found the GME leaving me stumped as I tried to key interpretations to the players' characters without imposing too much on their freedom of choice. It was an un-fun tightrope walk at times that didn't always create dynamic scenes. 
  • Not everyone enjoyed the Aspect creation process. They would have preferred fewer Aspects - probably 6 - and more guidance, i.e. "Aspect 1" and "Aspect 2" were not as evocative as, say, "Ambition" or "Adversity." Mythic Weaknesses might have been better to use, anyway. 
  • Having a skills list to choose from was extremely helpful. 
  • Random event interruptions were terrific! Players loved/hated rolling doubles!
  • Strengths were a great deal easier to use than FATE Stunts and sped character creation along nicely. 

So, for solo, the systems on their own are just fine. For social, the Mythic RPG in its original form is worth a go, but I'd develop an Abilities menu for players to choose from, maybe even Strengths and Weaknesses lists, too, in the same manner as the Skills and Stunts of FATE games set in specific worlds.

As for a "no-prep" game, I can't rely on the GME in social games like I can for solo. The players need more structure.

One of the players suggested tables that follow the 9Qs. I might try that.

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