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13 Black Cats, Variable Difficulty

During the summer when my sister's kids are home all day and driving her to the brink of insanity, I get called in for dancing monkey duty to alleviate her stress. To my surprise, 13 Black Cats has proven to be a hit! The kids are addicted to it!

One of the reasons that they enjoy it so much is that they win almost every time...but that's the reason why I stopped liking it.

So, I've added a "variable difficulty" rule that will also work with the Double-Six Variant of the game.

Adding dominoes to the board: Before the first cat moves, pull a number of dominoes from the draw pile equal to the preferred challenge level:

Easy = 3
Medium = 2
Difficult = 1

You may place a drawn domino anywhere inside the frame. Every time a domino is placed within the frame, you may draw a new one. You may not draw from the pile unless you've placed a domino in the frame. Once a domino has been placed in the frame, it may not be removed, replaced, or moved.

One day, I'll gather the rules of the game together into a single document.

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