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This year's most solo-friendly ENnie winner...

At Gen Con this weekend, the winners of this year's ENies were announced, and the most solo-friendly gold-winning product in the bunch was Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game.

From the publisher's description:
This book presents 1,000 “masks” — non-player characters that are fun to play, and that your players will never forget. Featuring a foreword by gaming industry legend Wolfgang Baur, Masks is the ultimate NPC resource. Using a simple but powerful template that features Appearance, Roleplaying, Personality, Motivation, Background, and Traits, Masks provides the core elements of a thousand great characters. Masks NPCs are designed to be used on the fly, no prep required — but with enough depth to be used when planning adventures, as well.

For a sample of the book's interior, HERE is a PDF.

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