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nexus 10 tablet release date

Feel successful cooperation with the Asus tablet refine the Nexus 7, Google reportedly will return from holding the Taiwanese company. Not releasing the third-generation tablet Nexus 7, but to develop a second-generation tablet Nexus 10.

nexus 10 tablet release date


Asus shown to create a tablet Nexus 7 first-generation and second with qualified quality of raw materials that powerful but still with a relatively affordable price. The second thing to be considered for re-took the Asus Google in developing the second generation of tablet Nexus 10.

Nexus 10 is expected for release in the holiday season this year or the end of 2013. As reported by GigaOM page on Monday (08/12/2013).

As is known to reduce the cost of production Asus Nexus 7 first generation that uses the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip is priced at USD 299. While the Samsung Nexus 10 membanderol tablet 16GB version for $ 399.

So it is not impossible if Asus will present the same strategy as when setting up the Nexus 7 tablet first and second generation to the next generation Nexus 10.

Then what will be the increase brought the Asus latest tablet Nexus 10? Increased likelihood of a Snaprragon 800 chipset, camera sensor, WiFi 802.11 wireless charger ac and will be found in the latest 10 tablet Nexus

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