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nexus11 is the best from samsung

 Nexus 11 is the latest Android tablet to be launched by the Internet giant. The news about Google's new device will be the emergence of this increasingly widely in line with the approach of the annual event Google I / O which will be held on May 15, 2013. In the event that invites various developer conferences and parties formed a partnership with Google is expected to launch time as well as a size 11-inch Android tablet is.

Google Nexus 11

To produce this new device, called that Google will re-entrust the Samsung. Previous South Korean vendors are also never get a project for the manufacture of two of Google's Android devices, the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and the second is the tablet the Galaxy Nexus 10. For the second one has just officially launched some time ago.
Google Nexus 11 specifications were successfully obtained, as reported by GigaOM, showing some of the components is quite capable even arguably the premium class. How not, Google Nexus 11 will be equipped with an 8-core (4 +4) Exynos 5410 is very powerful. The same processor is also applied to S4 Galaxy, so they can know how powerful the kitchen runway that will be owned by the tablet from Google.
Associated with a processor that is used in the Google Nexus 11, using the concept of belonging big.LITTLE ARM processor which makes it very powerful at the same time can save power usage. This can be achieved thanks to the technology in the 8-core processors are split into 4 core and 4-core A7 A15. Each of these core types have their respective strengths that when combined will obtain maximum performance. Core A15 duty to perform processes that require high performance, whereas if only a mild type of processing needed it will be taken over by the A7 cores that will conserve battery power.
While the Google Nexus 11 specifications include the use Super PLS TFT screen with a minimum resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels predicted or could be higher as that used on the Nexus 10, which is 2560 × 1600 pixels. Google Nexus 11 is also equipped with dual camera, the 8 MP to 2 MP camera on the rear and front cameras. To add storage capacity has also been available Micro SD slot.

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