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L'amore tra i mostri: Interlude

Here's what "happened" after Session 4 (and after a new D&D Next playtest release). Session 5 will take place immediately afterwards.

Once Sister Ysabel leaves for Avanti with the now two-inch tall Guglio in her pocket, Orsini, Liliana, Don Pantaloni, and the elf's three retainers set about cleaning up the five floors of Stefano's tower. Don Pantaloni's retainers do a good amount of the work, eagerly trying to make the tower their master's villa-away-from-villa.

The lovestruck mimic - now called "Mimi" - turns out to also be eager to help instead of naturally wanting to eat everyone. Assured by Don Pantaloni that Ponzetti will one day return to marry "her," Mimi is optimistic and wants to keep her beloved's "friends" as happy as possible. To that end, she sniffs out a few spell scrolls for Don Pantaloni to read and research, a magic long sword for Orsini, and a few potions - four healing potions and three unknown ones.

After a few days, Liliana admits to Orsini that she is not just an occasionally-clever contracted servant to Count Cabravino. She is, in fact, a well-trained spy for his former lord, the Merchant Prince, planted in Avanti to keep watch for any moves the Merchant Princess might make on the frontier city. When Stefano's wife Elda left to appeal to the Merchant Princess for her help in protecting Avanti from her ex-husband King Ambrosi and the dragon Tito Nero [in Session 2], Liliana had contacted her liaison to inform the Merchant Prince. Assuming that the message has arrived, Liliana believes that a showdown between the Merchant Prince and the Merchant Princess in the streets of Avanti is imminent.

The next day, a messenger from Avanti arrives at the tower. He informs Orsini that Sister Ysabel made it back safely and that the Count has ordered the extension of Hunter's Road to the tower. While that's happening, the Count would like Orsini and the others to explore the surrounding wildlands to identify any other threats that might be present. To assist them, the Count promises to send a druid to join the group.

Don Pantaloni becomes very excited by the prospect of a new party member, seeing as how Liliana only has eyes for Orsini. He imagines that the Count will be sending over some lithe lady druid who might like to get freaky in the great outdoors.

Unfortunately for Don Pantaloni, the druid who arrives is Gino "The Oak" Leone...

...neither lithe nor lady.

Gino is a big man with a big heart for nature and a big club to break anybody's legs what messes with nature. He's looking forward to discovering what's out there in the Northern Wilds [as I am in using the new D&D Next exploration rules]...

Session 5 will happen soon, I hope! (I need a block of free time!)

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