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Adjusting my campaign...

Along with this week's updated version of the 9Qs, there comes a new edition of the D&D Next playtesting documents!

Mechanics have been tweaked, new classes added, and the rumored "exploration rules" are now a reality! Though some solo players didn't think my campaign's commitment to a system resting on shaky foundations was a good idea, I feel just the opposite: I'm excited about the changes!

The timing feels right, too. At the end of Session 4 of "L'amore tra i mostri," Guglio the dwarf got shrunk and had to return to Avanti while the others remained at the tower in the Northern Wilds. I think I'll retroactively say that Sister Ysabel returned to Avanti with Guglio, both to be there for her now-tiny friend and to be away from the flirting Liliana has been doing with Orsini. To take the cleric's place, Count Cabravino will send out a druid to ready the adventurers to strike out into the unknown (and test out those new exploration rules)...

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