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Check out Dark City Games

Reader Joe 5. has been championing the cause of Dark City Games for some time, and the variety of their offerings shows why. With modules in a style ready for solitaire play, there's a lot to enjoy from their fantasy, sci-fi, and "Untamed West" lines!

From George Dew, game producer, via their website:
Dark City Games was created in 2005 to revive tabletop roleplaying games of Metagaming's "MicroQuest" genre. I loved these games when I was a kid, and when my son was old enough to enjoy the games, we dusty off old copies and put them into action. We played all the MicroQuests and even an adventure that my brother Warren had written in 1980 for submission to Metagaming, who never replied to him and soon went out of business. However, we ran out of adventures, so we began writing our own. By then we had feedback from others who requested hard copies of our adventures. In late 2005 we began selling our games so that we could improve the quality of the components and help defray the costs of development and production.

With free rules, free sample stand-up paper figures, and free sample modules, there's a lot of goodness to be mined from Dark City Games! Their for-purchase products are pretty amazing as well!

Check them out HERE!

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