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The starting PCs of "L'amore tra i mostri"

The four player characters that I will be running at the start of my solo campaign all conform to the current iteration of D&D Next. As to not break any NDA, I won't go into too much mechanical detail about them, but, in the interest of system curiosity, I will underline all of the elements within the following descriptions that are actually a part of the current official character creation process.

Captain Carlino Orsini - Human Fighter
A veteran soldier from the army of the Merchant Prince, Orsini had a promising military career and a beautiful fiancĂ©e to make him the envy of every man in his company. Unfortunately, when his bride-to-be Rosalina turned out to be a particularly talented doppelgänger spy employed by the Merchant Princess, the ensuing embarrassment forced Orsini to leave his home realm and lose himself in the Frontier. His military rank has allowed Captain Orsini to do the occasional peacekeeping job for Count Cabravino, but he spends much of his time in Avanti drowning his heartbreak in tankards of ale. A survivor by nature, Orsini may have sworn to never love again, but he stands ready for any challenge that must be met by a skillful hand wielding a long sword. Just wait until he's sober.

Guglio - Hill Dwarf Rogue
Captain Orsini's drinking buddy Guglio is an outcast artisan from a Dwarven silversmith guild on the Old Continent. Not being very bright (INT 6) or pleasant (CHA 6), Guglio has been relegated to fending for himself, and he does so by operating as a treasure hunter. Sadly, his quests to locate deposits of his beloved silver have thus far been unsuccessful. Skulking about, Guglio hangs around the Frontier realm grumbling in mockery about everyone else while he waits for an opportunity to discover the silver mine of his dreams. He really loves silver. A lot.

Don Pantaloni d'Oro - High Elf Wizard
A licentious noble elf from the Old Continent, Don Pantaloni was driven from his homeland - and virtually everybody else's homeland - by the enraged husbands of the multitudes of women he had seduced with his money, good looks, and illusion magic. After coming to the Frontier realm of Vitalia a few months ago with his three retainers, Don Pantaloni was up to his old tricks again, and he soon found himself distrusted and friendless save for Orsini and Guglio who have no women for him to steal. When his dashing demeanor (CHA 18) or arcane deception fail him, Don Pantaloni relies on his sharpshooting prowess with a bow, a skill he developed in his early years hunting in his father's enchanted groves. Vowing to "love" as many women as cross his path, Don Pantaloni has no intention of settling down. He even has his naughty designs set on the cold-hearted Merchant Princess herself!

Sister Ysabel - Lightfoot Halfling Cleric
A priestess of The Protector - the only deity without an order in the League of Temples - Ysabel is a member of the Church of the Protector in Avanti. Following her order's oath to help the helpless, Ysabel is a true defender of the weak, and she views Orsini, Guglio, and Don Pantaloni as three of the weakest men she has ever met! Because they have barricaded their hearts from true love, Ysabel believes the three "empty" friends require her most devoted services. Of course, she also thinks Captain Orsini is rather handsome...

That's the cast. Hope you like them!

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