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The opening stage of "L'amore tra i mostri"

The small Vitalian frontier city of Avanti is where my D&D Next/Italian comic opera campaign will begin. Specifically, the first of the 9Qs will be asked in the town square, la Piazza Avanti.

I've only identified three of the buildings in the super simple map I made. The large pale yellow one at the bottom is Count Cabravino's palazzo, the lower floor of which houses two shops. The purple one at the top by the archway is the Church of the Protector where Sister Ysabel lives and works. And the gray building center left is the as-yet-unnamed inn where Orsini and Guglio live and get drunk. The circular object in the center is, of course, a grand fountain.

I'll identify the other buildings as the need arises.

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