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Follow Noctura, a blog and a solo dungeon crawl game

A new undertaking by Ben Sharp certainly has my attention. It's Noctura, a dungeon crawl RPG that won't need a GM!

From Ben:
Noctura is going to be a new type of roleplaying dungeon crawl game, that allows players to play indepth games without the need for a Game Master. 

As a teacher, it has long been a passion of mine to bring these fantastic games of creativity into the classroom and use them as part of the (not so) everyday curriculum. However, those of you who are familiar with RPGs will instantly understand the problem – to Game Master (GM) a class of 20-30 pupils is near impossible within any reasonable time frame. So in my search for the perfect classroom RPG, I have found a single conclusion – one does not exist…yet! 

Collecting various ideas and systems from some of the best loved RPGs and tabletop games around, Noctura has been created to hold all the excitement and randomness that players desire, whilst at the same time allowing them to play in groups or indeed alone without the need for a GM and in a visual form on the tabletop.

The aim of this blog is to document the progression of the game's development with regular (or as regular as I can make them) downloads of the different sections. 

Check out the blog HERE.

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