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Want to test new 9Qs stuff?

In the last few months as I've played my 9Qs solo RPG engine, I've casually tested a few different techniques with it in the hope of capturing some of the variations of traditional play that the standard Qs on their own don't quite achieve. After Sophia of Wu# fame gave me some surprising feedback on some of my new ideas,  I started to wonder what others might think about them...

Now, I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this new material. Maybe they'll just be optional rules I'll post on this site, or perhaps I'll create a "9Qs Deluxe" - which will still be free, of course. Whatever the case, I would appreciate the opinions of anyone willing to try them out!

So, if you've tried the 9Qs before - or you've wanted to - and you'd like to test out three simple new additional, optional rules to the engine, e-mail me, and I'll send you a PDF.

If you can send your feedback to me by the end of January 2013, that'd be great.


UPDATE, 12/23: I have all of the testers I need, and far more than I expected! Thanks, all!

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