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Tony Bath vs. Santa Claus

Make babysitting night a solo gaming night by turning that little one into your Press Gang (see Donald Featherstone's Solo Wargaming)! That's what I did this week using Derek's fun Christmas miniatures from iheartprintandplay.

I adapted Tony Bath's ancients rules as described in Donald Featherstone's War Games. As they are, I find those rules positively charming in their simplicity and a joy to watch in action!

When my wife left the room, I spread out her best white tablecloth over pillows to create the battlefield. (The cat had no mechanical function in the game.)

Defenders of Santa's Workshop
Command Chariot
Santa Claus w/Magic Missiles - Longbow
Frosty w/Magic Missiles + Rudolph
The 101st Elfborne
Elf Fighters - Heavy Infantry
Elf Mages w/Magic Missiles - Longbows
The Silent Nighters
Elf Rogues - Light Infantry
Elf Flingers w/Snowballs - Shortbows

The North Pole Invaders
Command Chariot
Evil Santa Claus w/Magic Missiles - Longbow
Jack Frost in Ice Sled w/Magic Missiles
War Engines
2 Pine Treants - Light Stones (Snowballs)
2 Christmas Treants - Hevay Stones (Snowballs)

To win, the invaders simply needed to get through the valley and be within 9 inches of the Christmas tree. The defenders needed to rout the evil transgressors to save Christmas!

The Silent Nighters were the first to fall to a Treant's snowball. Six of the eight were taken out and, as seen here, the treants continued matching forward. The early advantage went to evil Santa, and my little relative loved moving the bad guys along!

After also getting seriously pelted with a giant snowball, the 101st got reinforced by Santa himself. Could the line hold?

Meanwhile, Frosty confronted Jack Frost, who had attempted to flank over a hill (my little Press Gang's idea), and the Magic Missiles flew! Fortunately, Frosty prevailed! This was an excellent turning point!

By the time Frosty and Rudolph got back to Santa, the Elf Fighters had charged!

Though the melee caused great casualties, the invaders suffered the worst of it. Evil Santa and his remaining tree were routed!

Christmas was saved!

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