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The world of Mytherian Heroic Fantasy is evolving...

Exciting news for those for you who have enjoyed Mytherian Heroic Fantasy - there's more on the way!

From creator Erik Goodwyn:
We will be coming out with the first expansion pack for Mytherian this fall: The Dark Elf Underworld of Zyrender. Zyrender will feature an entirely new set of challenges, enemies, events, and features never before seen by the heroes of the basic game. And, it will include two all-new hero classes that will be announced in the upcoming weeks. So stay tuned for more updates on Mytherian Heroic Fantasy, and as always, Mytherian is playable solo; and good luck in the ongoing struggle against the forces of evil. Against the Dark Elves and their sorcerer king Enzigon the Magiston, trust us, you'll need it!

There's also a Mytherian Facebook page. Stop by and "like" it to get pics, updates, and other fun stuff!

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