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Magnetic Project Mat

I know this product that I just discovered wasn't intended for gaming, but we solo DIYers are always looking for something cool!

Magnetic, gridded, and dry-erasable = cool.

I'm sure the Magnetic Project Mat will inspire someone! I'm thinking it'll free me from my refrigerator! (Regular readers of this blog will understand that reference.) Its dimensions are small, though.

From its description:
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10" x 1/32"
  • Magnetized to hold tight onto small screws.
  • Dry erase surface lets you keep notes and stops mistakes.
  • Magnetic surface is safe for hard drives, and other modern electronics.
  • Pro Project Mat includes foam base for less slips and non-magnetic corrals.

More info HERE, but it seems to be purchasable from a variety of places on the Web.

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