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Lunatic Labyrinth

From Rising Phoenix Games comes the clever little solo Pathfinder adventure called Lunatic Labyrinth.

From the game's description:
Lunatic Labyrinth is a solo or one-on-one adventure, compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It's meant for one character of level one or two and includes a useful labyrinth tool to facilitate entertaining and challenging solo play. The adventure includes: The Lunatic Labyrinth tile set, a modular maze that can easily be used behind a GM screen in further play sessions; The Labyrinth Adventure and a Showdown with the Lord of the Labyrinth; Player Handouts, including a map of the area; An introduction to the system neutral setting of Avernos.

The premise of Lunatic Labyrinth and its solo goodness rests on those included tiles and what creator Rodney Sloan has crafted for their use. It's such a simple and elegant gaming element that you'll wonder how no one thought of it sooner!

Lunatic Labyrinth is ripe for customization after you're done with the included material, so check it out. Until August 22, 2012, get Lunatic Labyrinth at a discount HERE!

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