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Keeping an eye on Shane and Stuart

Recently, a website for the Adventure Games Guild popped up heralding the collaboration of two of Solo Nexus's favorite folks, Shane Garvey, creator of the popular solo-adventuring Chronicles of Arax, and Stuart Lloyd, THE gamebook expert. The promise of that collaboration is Adventurer: the Solo Role Playing Game!

Here's what Stuart stated about the project last month on his blog:
Shane and I want to create a system that has plenty of options for character customisation and advancement, gives them plenty of options for dealing with encounters and covers all situations so that we do not have arbitrary rules. We also want to do this in a way that is simple and allows the narrative of the gamebook to flow unhindered with loads of instructions about dice rolling and getting over such and such a number. I'm excited about this project as we will then have a system to create many great gamebooks from that people can play as all types of characters rather than having to create a character to fit the mechanics of the book.

Read more about it at Stuart's blog HERE.

The new game is set to release later in 2012. We'll be watching for it!

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