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Timed Solo Heroclix Tournament, Round 2

Continuing from Round 1 of the tourney, the remaining four teams faced off.

(1) Annihilators vs. (4) The Universal Church of Truth
Fantastic! Early on, Gladiator rushed forward to put some serious hurt on the Magus, unholy deity of the UCT. Magus retreated to regenerate, and all members of the UCT engaged an enemy to keep them away from their lord. This wasn't just a thematically-appropriate course of action; it turns out the Magus - a new piece whose stats were unknown to me - has some real staying power. After all of the fisticuffs across the Alien City, only Gladiator, Cosmo, and Magus remained, and Gladiator just could NOT get rid of Magus fast enough. Time ran out on the Annihilators! The UCT wins!

 It's hammer time. Really.
Click the pic to see how many of these guys wield big-ass hammers.

(2) Negative Zone vs. (6) The Inhumans
This was barely a contest. Once again, the Annihilation Wave wiped out the competition like it was business as usual. Negative Zone wins.

"So, I heard Larry in HR is dating that redhead in accounting."
"Seriously? What's she see in him?"
"What? You don't like Larry?"
"No, it's not like that. I just thought, you know, she had standards."
"You guys wanna get a latte?"
"Weren't we supposed to annihilate the Inhumans?"
"Yeah. We did that five minutes ago. So, lattes?"
"Wait. What do you mean by 'standards'?"
"Come on. Don't make this a thing."

So, here's how it stands after the second round.

Tomorrow, the finale and my thoughts on putting myself on the clock...

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