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Timed Solo Heroclix Tournament, Finale

Continued from Round 2, here's how the timed tournament ended.

(2) Negative Zone vs. (4) The Universal Church of Truth
The UCT got to move first and they took advantage of it. Magus perched on the edge of a roof while the rest of the UCT engaged Blastaar, Ravenous, and the Annihilation Seekers in melee. Magus's sniping, though, wasn't as much of an edge as I thought it would be, and the beasts of the Negative Zone wiped out everyone on the ground and then came after Magus. It eventually looked like this:

It could only have been worse for Magus if I had accidentally dropped a bowling ball on him.

Amazingly, Magus once again lasted longer than expected! He took out Ravenous and an Annihilation Seeker before another Seeker rolled a Critical Hit that knocked him back and silly. Blastaar finished the job with just 2 minutes left. Theoretically, had the Seeker not landed the Crit, Magus might have won on time again! Still, Negative Zone wins.

My final thoughts on timed solo play:
  • There was no iced coffee at my side or opera playing in the background. I was ON at all times because every second mattered! Focus, focus, focus! A truly different solo experience, and one that I would want to duplicate again, but not necessarily that often. (By nature, I chill.)
  • As time wound down, I actually went into panic mode - panic without an opponent! It was like I didn't want to let down any team that lost on time. Panic mode was cool - kind of a novelty emotion during solo play, really - again, something that can spice up a solo session, but not one I'd like all the time.
  • I got to play a lot more games! In this case, quantity was a little better than quality because I had a lot of new pieces that I wanted to see in action, and I got that by keeping to time.
  • Even though I played both sides (with variable limited control), I did feel like I was playing in a real tournament! My other solo Heroclix games never felt like that before. It was good to be able to replicate that competitive feeling even though my opponent was me.
Overall, this was an extremely rewarding endeavor. Time is yet another accessory to use when I'm in the mood to game in a certain style and no real opponents are available.

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