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Commit to Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month NOW!

It is now six months until November 2011, and that means it's time to make your pledge to play something new or something big during 11/11, Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month!

Solo Nexus was created to build up resources and encouragement for Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month, and now I'm hoping some of the folks interested in this event will make their commitment to a momentous solo gaming experience during 11/11!

So, reply to this post as a comment or contact Solo Nexus. Either way, make your pledge to yourself (and to us so we can keep you honest) by specifying to the best of your ability what momentous solo tabletop event you are planning to undertake this November!

Plan to use the whole month to finally paint those minis in the box on the shelf or try that rule set you bought last year or complete a fully-documented solo RPG adventure or design your own solo CCG with that software you've had your eye on or create the best after-action report of a solo battle ever or - well, you get the idea!

For those new to indulging in the solo tabletop experience, feel free to send questions or comments to the solo vets via Solo Nexus. Others out there may be able to provide guidance.

Spread the word around the blogosphere!

Use the d30 image above as a logo!

Tell everybody who enjoys the solo tabletop experience to plan some free time for themselves to do something exciting and memorable!

[As previously stated: Of course, if you think planning your game six months in advance is too soon, then feel free to take your time. Having fun is what this is all about! However, some of us have responsibilities and schedules that demand that we scrupulously select and protect our personal game-time, and what better way to do that than by marking our calendars far enough in advance to stave off any unwanted "treading" on our special days?]

So, make your pledge today or at any time before 11/11! We look forward to hearing from you!

[Also, as previously stated: My November 2011 pledge is a Solo Heroclix Wargaming Campaign across NYC. I've been testing and developing the rules for the campaign on this site since Solo Nexus began, and I've more to share as 11/11 approaches. The campaign will require 10,000+ points of Heroclix characters, multiple battlefield maps keyed to real NYC locations, and a final battle that - if my original solo rules work out - should be extremely surprising and gigantic!]

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