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Giving CCGs the Patience makeover

Remember this classic?

Yes, Wizards of the Coast once posted an official "Solitaire Magic" variant that used traditional solitaire stacks and three-card draws. You can find the rules for it HERE.

Recalling such a variant leads me to wonder if other CCGs - particularly the dead ones lingering in the back of my closet - might benefit from a Patience makeover!

Too often, I've tried to adapt an old multi-player CCG into a solo game while trying to maintain the feel of the original multi-player rules, but I've only experienced minimal success. Creating automatic opponents for a card game can be tricky stuff since, by its nature, card games work on the balance between the cards that can be seen and the cards that remain known only to an opponent. "Programming" automatic opponents in a board game is usually much easier because, most of the time, all of the elements affecting play are in view.

So, are there any variants already in existence that merge CCGs with more traditional solitaire rules?  Do you have one of your own?

Let us know! I want to dust off my Spellfire collection (stop laughing.) and give it a go!

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