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New 52 Sargon?

"Hey. It's me. Sargon the Sorcerer. Know why I'm in a pub and f*c%ing wasted before noon? No, not because it's Thursday, smart a$$. It's because DC finally put me in the New 52 Universe and I suck! Go ahead - check it out!"

"That's me on the left in Constantine #1. No turban. No tuxedo. Just a raggedy coat and a head that's a cross between a bulldog and a pumpkin and an old nun!"

"Why would they draw me that way?!? Where's my good looks, my style, my timeless gold turban and Ruby of Life, my - MR. TERRIFIC! Why the f*c% would you photobomb me at a time like this?!? Who does that?!? I'm in f*c%ing crisis, man!"

"WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY?!? I gave the best years of my life to that comic book company, and this is how they repay me! THOSE BASTARDS! Those inconsiderate, self-righteous, retconning bastards! I hope their new Superman movie makes Big Momma's House look like Citizen Kane!"


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