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DVG's "Rise of the Zombies" for 1-6 players

I just saw this ICv2 review of Rise of the Zombies by Dan Verssen Games. (I didn't even know it had been released, yet.) The reviewer states that it is "a very good game that evokes its theme perfectly and offers fantastic dramatic tension." And - get this - it comes with a digital timer! I've shared my thoughts on time pressure as a solo challenge in the past, so this game just got my attention...

From the back of the box:
Rise of the Zombies places you and up to five of your friends in a post apocalyptic nightmare. You must use all of your wits, weapons, items, and ammo to cross the city and reach the rescue helicopter. If that isn't bad enough, you must do so before time expires or else the helicopter leaves you to your doom!

Color me intrigued. More at DVG HERE.

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