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L'amore tra i mostri: Session 1, Q7-9

Continued from HERE.

7. Where can the heroic motivation be most effectively redeemed? 

Be the PCs first: 
Encounter: Infiltration 
Place: Inside the wizard's tower, Northern Wilds, moments later
Orsini, Ysabel, Don Pataloni, and Guglio enter the tiny tower with Ponzetti's spoken incantation key, but they don't feel like they've shrunk, so they assume the odd miniaturized state of the wizard's tower must be some sort of an advanced illusion. The group follows the hallways as per Ponzetti's directions to the library to find the lovesick Mimic. They also heed his warning of possible traps he might have missed when he was first there. Guglio leads the way, expressing confidence that he won't miss any traps.

Be the GM next:
Story Cube: Hand
Guglio misses a trap. Just as the four reach the last hallway before the library, Don Pantaloni's magical presence triggers the appearance of six Mage Hands that block the quartet's passage and try to take their stuff!

Be the PCs once more: 
Don Pantaloni conjures his own Mage Hand to spar with the assaulting Mage Hands while Orsini and Ysabel try to dodge the other magical fondlers attempting to dispose of their weapons. Guglio takes far too long to find and activate the "off-switch" for the trap, but he eventually succeeds (at his skill check). Unfortunately, the Mage Hands had enough time to get rid of Don Pantaloni's short bow, arrows, and spell book, Guglio's crossbow and bolts, and Orsini's javelins. Now, if things go badly with the Mimic, the group will have to rely on melee weapons to defend themselves, a poor prospect when fighting a Mimic due to its powerful adhesive skin. Steeling themselves, the group heads for the library.

8. Where does the final showdown between the heroes and the enemy take place in relation to the results of Question 7? 

Be the GM first:
Story Cube: cutting
Encounter: enemy nears completion of its goals, enemy takes aggressive action against the heroes 
Place: Inside the wizard's tower, Northern Wilds, same time
Just before Orsini opens the library door, Ponzetti appears running down the hallway in a panic. Following him are the sounds of an unearthly "tearing" - the next wave of the Cardinal's summoned attackers! This time, werewolves riding dire wolves are being divinely shunted through the barrier that protects the tiny tower from intruders. In mere moments, they will be inside! Ponzetti demands that Don Pantaloni get the ear pendant immediately!

Be the PCs next:
Orsini and Don Pantaloni enter the library first, followed by Ysabel and Guglio. Ponzetti waits just outside the room. The Mimic sits in the corner of the library looking like an ordinary treasure chest. With the sounds of the divine intrusion echoing menacingly all around him, Don Pantaloni begins explaining the ways of love to the Mimic, hoping to convince it to disgorge the ear pendant. (Contest: Don Pantaloni at Disadvantage to his Persuade skill vs. the Mimic's intelligence) Believing the elf's honeyed words that Ponzetti will return to it one day, the Mimic spits out the pendant. Guglio grabs the earshaped shiny jewelry and recognizes it as a piece of the fabled silver bust of the Moon Goddess of the Dwarves! As Guglio ogles the silver ear, Orsini snatches it and tosses it out of the room to Ponzetti.

Be the GM once more:
Ponzetti thanks the heroes and tells them to barricade themselves in the library. He removes a scroll from his tunic, reads the words on it, and then disappears. The sounds of the magical tearing reach a crescendo in mere moments, and, soon, the horrible howling of savage wolf beasts fills the hallway. In minutes, the barricaded library door is brutally assaulted by razor-sharp claws! Amazingly in just a few more moments, the attack ceases and the creatures disappear. The summons is undone! Ponzetti has kept his word, and the heroes are saved.

9. Where does the world stand after the results of Questions 7 and 8?

Be the GM first:
Story Cube: pushing a button
Within the sacred chambers of the Cathedral of the Stormcaller in the realm of the League of Temples, a certain female Cardinal grumbles to herself about having just been blackmailed by a mysterious scandalmonger. She wonders if, perhaps, she had underestimated her promiscuous elvish target. Someday, she may have to test that theory out...

Be the PCs next:
Orsini and the others return to Avanti and assure Count Cabravino that it's safe to have Don Pantaloni around town again. Also:
• The heroes have a "tiny" wizard's tower to explore (and the incantation key to get in).
• Guglio now has a specific objective for his treasure hunting - the silver bust of the Dwarven Moon Goddess really exists!
• As a group, Orsini, Guglio, Ysabel, and Don Pantaloni earned and will share 530 XPs. They are still Level 1.

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