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Operation Drumbeat is released!

I've been waiting for this one ever since I participated in one of the 2011 playtesting cycles for it. It's veteran designer Peter Schweighofer's solitaire U-boat wargame, Operation Drumbeat!

From Peter's descriptions:
Operation Drumbeat is a solitaire game in which a player assumes the role of a u-boat commander sent to hunt shipping along America’s East Coast in early 1942. The player plots a course on a grid map like the ones used by German submarine captains to travel to the patrol area and hunt targets. A series of charts helps simulate the chances of running into American patrols, encountering freighters and tankers, and attacking them with torpedoes and deck guns. 

Players document the submarine’s activity in a journal modeled on the actual logbooks u-boat captains used to record their patrols. 

Hunting close to shore increases the chance of encountering targets, but also raises the likelihood of running into American patrols. Although random die rolls determine results on tables for events such as weather, patrols, and targets -- all of which increase in difficulty as time passes to reflect America’s more competent military strategies -- the player determines whether to engage targets in a continuous push-your-luck game; can they continue attacks on a target for one more turn before reinforcements arrive?

Classic and new at the same time, Operation Drumbeat is a must-have for the solo gamer!

Read more about the game HERE.

Check out some of Peter's design notes at his blog HERE.

Get Operation Drumbeat HERE.

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