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Elder Sign Revised Rules

Despite my commitment to an intensive new personal and professional life strategy, I'm still stealing moments for games. That means, if it's October, it's Lovecraft for me! So, I'm going back to Elder Sign - now with revised rules!

Sure, the whole revised rules thing went down many months ago and caused quite an ugly stir among the online fan base, but I didn't get involved with the flame wars (not my style) and waited for the dust to settle. As it is, the revisions aren't earth-shattering in the least, and my original enjoyment - as well as my original review of the game - stand pretty much unscathed by the changes.

If you own the original game as I do, first you'll need the Revised Rules.

You'll also need to update these three investigators:

Carolyn Fern:
Once per day, at the start of any player’s turn, Carolyn may restore 1 Sanity to 1 investigator of her choice (including herself).

Mandy Thompson:
Once per day, after any player has rolled, Mandy may reroll 2 dice before determining if the active player was able to complete a task

Vincent Lee:
Once per day, at the start of any player’s turn, Vincent may restore 1 Stamina to 1 investigator of his choice (including himself).

I'm going to play against all eight Great Old Ones, leaving Cthulhu for last, and see how well I fare this month!

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