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Warring States: Preparation Complete

A century of decadence and ignorance in the Center State, the seat of Imperial rule, had weakened the Empire and reignited the rivalries held for one another by the Dukes of the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western States.Upon the Emperor's sudden and most suspicious death, the Imperial Army, conscripted from the citizens of the Four States, disbanded. The warriors returned home, and their Dukes welcomed them with new plans. The Center State was soon to become a battleground...

Thus begins my Local Campaign using Rally Round the King Historical Sampler and playing on my refrigerator. Here is the way the games will unfold, in detail: 

Time Line
Roll 1d6 and add 4 to the result. The final value is the number of rows in the Ladder. Each row will represent a week in game time.

Theater of War
Roll 3d6. Re-roll until all three dice show a different number. Compare the results to the Battlefields List.These are the headings for each column in the Ladder. Arrange them from left to right in ascending numerical order.

  1. Dragon Lakes: 2 lake terrain pieces occupy two random, non-adjacent sections.
  2. Misty Trees: 1 lake terrain piece and 1 forest terrain piece occupy two random sections.
  3. Ghost Forest: 2 forest terrain pieces occupy two random, non-adjacent sections.
  4. The Ancestor Stones: 2 rocky terrain pieces occupy two random, non-adjacent sections.
  5. Plains of Sorrow: No terrain pieces.
  6. Hills of the Sun: 2 hill terrain pieces occupy two random, non-adjacent sections.
Value Increases
Add +1 notations to a number of random boxes in the Ladder that correspond to the number of weeks in the Time Line.
  • 5 Weeks = three +1's
  • 6, 7 Weeks = four +1's
  • 8, 9 Weeks = five +1's
  • 10 Weeks = six +1's
Use a d20 or d30 to determine +1 placement on the Ladder with no box receiving more than one +1.

Opposing Forces
Roll 1d6 to determine the opposing force.
1-2: Northern State
3-4: Eastern State
5-6: Western State

Northern State

Group 1: 5 Chariots
Group 2: 4 Cavalry
Group 3: 4 Horse Archers, 2 Skirmishers
Group 4: 6 Levies

Eastern State

Group 1: 3 Cavalry
Group 2: 4 Horse Archers
Group 3: 3 Levies, 3 Skirmishers
Group 4: 6 Levies

Western State

Group 1: 4 Cavalry, 1 Chariot
Group 2: 4 Skirmishers, 2 Horse Archers
Group 3: 4 Levies
Group 4: 4 Levies

Southern State

Group 1: 2 Chariots, 2 Horse Archers, 2 Skirmishers
Group 2: 3 Cavalry
Group 3: 3 Horse Archers
Group 4: 8 Levies

It's very gratifying to finally put all of this together, having begun the project on the first of this year while struggling for a cheap and neat solution to create units. Thanks to all who helped out along the way!

The games will begin mid-July. Be well, stay safe, play great games, and I'll see you back here then!

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