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The Fate of Ishandor - contest entry

After the Vassal recommendations in the previous post, I thought I'd highlight a promising Vassal-moduled contest entry for the 2012 Solitaire Print and Play Contest currently underway at BGG. It's Chad Mestdagh's The Fate of Ishandor.

From Chad's work-in-progress thread:
OK, so my game has now graduated into what I consider to be public playtesting phase. I have had the stuff gradually posted as time went on, but now I am really satisfied with it. 

The tomb cards are labelled as HARD mode in the rules, but actually are more of a press your luck element with potentially big rewards or big losses. There is one instant death card in the tombs, so if you choose to explore them, you may just instantly lose. On the plus side, there are 2 potential game winning cards in the tomb deck that are just pure awesome if you can get them.
And the Vassal module has been updated! Tomb cards are now playable!!!
Now I NEED playtesters.

 So, give Chad a hand if you have the time. His game definitely has potential...

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