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The 9Qs Form Sheets

If you're like me, you're occasionally lazy, yet devastatingly handsome. Unfortunately, that laziness can get in the way of a good solo gaming session, especially when the set-up for some games can be a bit of a chore.

In the last month, I let slip by two free afternoons that I could have been trying some different RPGs with the 9Qs because I didn't feel like setting up the pages from the original document. Now, that's lazy!

Well, consider the problem solved with the 9Qs Form Sheets!

Each page of a form sheet is for a different question and leaves enough space to keep track of everything that happens. Either print it out and write the responses in by hand or port the PDF into an app like Goodreader.

(I'm sure there was a way to turn this into an online fillable form with fancy drop-down menus and whatnot, but I was too lazy to figure out how to do it.)

Get the 9Qs Fillable Forms PDF HERE.

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