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Randomized Old-School RPG Adventure, Set Up

Using the tables I linked to in my defensive post about not being anti-table (as well as two other tables featured below), I've set up a solo RPG adventure that hearkens back to my solo B/X D&D days of the 1980s, now using using Labyrinth Lord. Nothing terribly innovative here, just some unabashed table-rolling!

Everything that follows is the result of a table made by someone else - names, places, etc. - so I am not the creator of any of it; I am merely the curious assembler...

An ex-adventurer named Answild [a morose, level 8 halfling created by truculent's Labyrinth Lord Random Character Generator] seeks a party to explore the Desolation of Amusuum. This would be the standard monster-filled labyrinth; perhaps it's a nesting ground for the master villain's monster troops.

Andrert: Male Cleric, Chaotic. Andrert has tangled golden hair and large gray eyes. He wears plate mail and wields a flail. Andrert seeks to fulfill an ancient prophecy of evil.

Easbury: Population 4600, mostly human, some elf and half-elf. The town is defended by a wooden palisade and moat. It is governed by a mayor, a female human named Marget Anor

Aurore: Female Cleric, Lawful.
A harrowing psychedelic incident after consumption of moldy bread led to a cosmic revelation and subsequent total dedication to the grooviest deity in the pantheon.
Best stat: Wisdom 16
Random readied spell: Detect Magic

Teli: Male Magic-User, Lawful.
Turned wholeheartedly to sorcery after late-childhood revelation of secret lineage: witch-doctors, magi, necromancers, psychics, diabolists and even a vampire thrown in for good measure.
Best stat: Intelligence 17
Random readied spell: Charm Person

Mountainwind: Male Elf, Lawful.
Morally outraged by elfin politics-as-usual, abandoned elf-life for self-imposed exile among the lesser folk.
Best stat: Strength & Intelligence 15
Random readied spell: Sleep (hooray!)

Olred: Male Fighter, Neutral.
Thrown out of family trade, barred from arcane academy, cast out of seminary, apprenticeship w/thieves' guild revoked, lute lessons went nowhere, disqualified from athletic training, humiliated after failed bid for local election, sacked from local guard, bought a sword.
Best stat: Strength 15
Readied nothing else - he's a fighter and just hits stuff.

I used Lord Kilgore's Labyrinth Minions rules for the following retainers:
Gustave: 0-level man-at-arms with a hand-axe and shield.
Gabriel: 0-level man-at-arms with a short sword and a mace and 3 hit points.
Guy: 0-level man-at-arms with scale armor, long sword, and short bow
Pierre: torchbearer

The cast is ready, the flimsy pretense is holding up just fine, and the dice can't wait to be rolled some more! Next, the adventure in a randomly-generated dungeon...

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