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2012 Solitaire Print and Play Contest

This month sees the beginning of the second annual Solitaire Print and Play Contest over at BoardGameGeek.com hosted by Chris Hansen.

Some details, as outlined by Chris:
  • Entry Deadline: July 31st 2012 
  • The primary focus of the game should be for solo play. 
  • Other than solitaire play, there are no specific design qualifications for this contest. The game mechanics, theme, and amount of randomness are left to the discretion of the game designers. 
  • All games must be printable on regular A4/American Letter Paper. Large format maps and boards are okay as well so long as they can also be printed on A4/Letter paper. 
  • The games entered in the contest should be new. 
  • To be eligible for this contest, a game cannot have been entered in a previous contest and it can't have a WIP thread/game entry on BGG prior to Mar 1st, 2012.
For all of the details and to check out some of the designs in progress, head to THIS THREAD.

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