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"Microbuild" LEGO for war games terrain

This week, the site Toys N Bricks announced the winners of the 2012 Microbuild Tournament, a yearly competition that shines a spotlight on the ingenious LEGO sub-hobby of microbuilding.

What's microbuilding? It's using standard LEGO pieces to create structures that are much smaller in relative scale to a LEGO minifigure, as in the following example of the Taj Majal by Anna from thebrickblogger.com.

Why would this matter on a solo-gaming blog? It's another opportunity for creativity and customization when playing our favorite war game rules. In fact, it could become the war game! Just look at Pasukara76's light cruiser, made from those little odds and ends that usually become the trimming on typical LEGO structures. Tell me you wouldn't want to float that baby into combat...

...or fly this space fighter - made by Mainman from the skis(!) of a LEGO minifigure skier - into a sci-fi dogfight! With these little pieces being made in abundance, fleets would be quick and cheap to assemble (and then disassemble to make something new).

Seriously, there's some awesome work out there that, when viewed through the eyes of the miniatures war gamer, could become great inspiration for little wars! Imagine what havoc you could cause in this micro-metropolis by Erik Eti Smit...

...or the possibilities of naval battles on this coastline by Knight Eklund.

I HIGHLY recommend the blog MicroBricks for further inspiration. There's also a wealth of detailed information about microbuilding cities at TwinLUG.

Lots of possibilities...

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