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GM-less Gaming Discussion

Jon S. sent me a link to a great talk given by Ben Robbins, the mind behind the brilliantly innovative RPG Microscope.

From Jon:
Ben Robbins over at his blog Lame Mage led a panel discussion on gmless rpg games. It's not specifically about solo games but I found it very interesting and relevant for solo gamers and it might be worth sharing with readers on solonexus. I haven't tried it myself but I hear his game Microscope can work really well with Mythic.
I totally agree with Jon. The talk, which is about 50 minutes long, is filled with terrific insights that may not be particular to solo gaming, but certainly intersect with what the solo RPG player sets out to achieve.

Hear the entire talk HERE.

And, by the way, Jon is right - Microscope does work with Mythic. Check out the Risus Monkey's posts that prove it HERE (scroll down to the bottom where the posts begin with the Monkey on a plane).

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