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Dark Sun Solitaire Deck

Here's the second of four decks I'm sharing for use with my Solitaire Spellfire Patience Variant.

From 1994 to 1997, the development of Spellfire took several interesting turns, with a few questionable decisions made along the way. What was never in doubt, though, was the passion and reverence that some members of the design team had for the game. They truly believed that Spellfire had the potential to become something great. (How do I know? I was one of the AOL regulars on their boards. In particular, I was the one who told the TSR staff about the AOL glitch that allowed one to remain on the boards for free during the days of early AOL billing practices. They'll remember!) 

Unfortunately, it was difficult to win back those who had soured on the game during its hasty inception. By 1996, in the NYC area, virtually no one sold the cards anymore. Those who did couldn't move the merchandise. (In fact, I think I saw some booster packs layered in dust on the highest shelves of Manhattan's Compleat Strategist when I was in there last month - not a joke.)

The one early oversight that could be addressed successfully by the design team was the development of the world of Dark Sun. Of the three campaign settings featured in the First Edition, it had been given the weakest treatment. Thankfully, after many, many expansions, Dark Sun, became one of the most thematically viable decks to construct.

Here's a deck that captures the brutality of Athas.

Friendly Champions

Captain Kazhal, Sadira, Shadair Mesker, Kai'Rik'Tik, Beala, Minervan

Opposing Champions

Borys the Dragon, Kalid-na, Phridge, Earth Elemental, The Lion of Urik, Athasian Cistern Fiend

Draj, Celik, Shault, Euripis, Ur Draxa, Urik, The Forest Ridge, Lake Island, The Jagged Cliffs, Gulg

South Ledopolous, Grak's Pool, Waverly

Obsidian Man of Urik, The Heartwood Spear, Siege Ladder

Magical Items
Star Gems of Martek: Opal, Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, Clear Crystal

Wijon, Psion Sucker, Ashathra, Athasian Sloth, Gladiators

Wind Dancers, Sky Singers, Sandstorm, Spirit of the Land, Psychic Storm

City States, Sorcerer-Kings

Psionic Powers
Synaptic Static, Mindwipe, Metamorphosis, Phase, Phobia Amplification, Magic Draining Field
Cleric Spells
Conjure Fire Elemental, Conjure earth Elemental, Conjure Air Elemental
Wizard Spells
Conjure Greater Fire Elemental

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