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Reminder: November 2011 is Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month

Just a quick note to remind everyone that November 2011 is Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month. Solo Nexus was created to build up interest, resources, and encouragement for that event, and, hopefully, this blog has been living up to the task.

During 11/11, I'm hoping veteran solo gamers will "go big" and play something solo on a scale the likes of which they've never played before! Likewise, I also hope that those who have always thought about getting into the solo tabletop hobby - whether RPG, CCG, or war game - will finally give it a try. In either case, Solo Nexus would love to report all of the action, observations, and experiences during 11/11, whether through full after-action reports, links to personal blogs, or general musings of the solo player.

So, start thinking about what you'd like to play! Many of us are solo gamers because real life has impinged upon our leisure time in one way or another, so planning ahead (i.e. purchasing, prepping, painting, pondering, etc.) is important!

Next month marks the six-month countdown to November 2011, and, at the beginning of May, I'm going to ask solo gamers to make a public commitment to the 11/11 game of their choice. Hopefully, the last three months of Solo Nexus have given some of you the impetus to consider getting involved. Now, it's almost time to make a personal pledge to your favorite game(s)!

Of course, if you think planning your game six months in advance is too soon, then feel free to take your time. Having fun is what this is all about! However, some of us have responsibilities and schedules that demand that we scrupulously select and protect our personal game-time, and what better way to do that then by marking our calendars far enough in advance to stave off any unwanted "treading" on our special days?

So, start thinking! We look forward to your plans!

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