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Dungeon Crawler "Delve Packs"

On the heels of our interview with Dungeon Crawler's designer Jey Legarie, Gifted Vision has just announced new "Delve Packs" for their solitaire/multiplayer CCG.

From Gifted Vision:
We've listened to our customers and resorted our randomly packaged booster boxes into 5 neat little non-random bundles we're calling Delve Packs.

Delve packs are non-random 52 card expansions for your Dungeon Crawler game. We've broken down the Unbound random booster boxes and reconfigured them into these easy to collect packs. These could be used in place of a starter.

1/5, Keldorna
2/5, Stonehold
3/5, Outlands
4/5, Sylvan Woods
5/5, Barren Mountains

This makes for an easy point-of-entry for anyone considering trying Dungeon Crawler but wary of blind purchasing.

For more information, go to the official site HERE.

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